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soprano voice
Vlada Borovko (soprano)  is a former Jette Parker Young Artist at the Royal Opera House (2015-2017) and a finalist of Placido Domingo's Operalia in 2017. She is coming back to sing Musetta "La Boheme" in summer 2018 at the Royal Opera.

 In season 2017-2018 she made debuts as Violetta in "La Traviata" in Karlsruhe and Cologne (Germany).

 In the 2016/17 season her roles included Clotilde (Norma), Ermione (Oreste), Mlle Jouvenot (Adriana Lecouvreur), Giannetta (L’elisir d’amore) and Aspasia (Mitridate, re di Ponto").  Borovko also sang solo in "Messa di Requiem" by G. Vedi  with the Grange Festival  in Hampshire. She was a cover for Violetta ("La Traviata"), Leonora ("Il Trovatore"), Aspasia ("Mitridate re di Ponto") and Voice from Heaven ("Don Carlo").
In  2015/16  Season her roles included Frasquita (Carmen), Xenia (Boris Godunov),Anna (Nabucco) and Violetta (La Traviata).
latest News
Vlada Borovko on concerts in May, 2018 (Moscow-London) 22. Apr 2018

Vlada Borovko is singing 2 chamber concerts with the pianist Alena Klyavina (May, 12 - Moscow, May, 16 - London). The program will include the songs by Tchaikovsky, Gretchaninov, Gliere, Sadikova, Dunaevsky and operatic arias by Verdi, Gounod, Mozart, Rossini and Puccini. Alena Klyavina (Moscow Con...

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Short Profile

NameBorovko, Vlada
Date of Birth
Born inRussia, Europe
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages Russian,  Italian,  German 
attended UniversitiesKazan State Conservatoire

May 16, 2018, Music at 22 Mansfield street invitation
Welcome to Vlada Borovko and Alena Klyavina's recital in London, 22 Mansfield street on the 16th of May! The program will include arias by Mozart, Verdi, Gounod, Rossini, Puccini and songs by Tchaikovsky,Gretchaninov, Gliere, Dunaevsky, Sadikova + piano solos from Alena Klyavina. 
as Violetta (Role debut)
The 2nd act. Scene with Germont. 9/03/2016 
classical and opera reviews Prom 2: Boris Godunov @ Royal Albert Hall, London
2016-07-16 MusicOMH, London
"The well-known rebuttal to Mussorgsky that the opera lacked a reasonably important female role proved well founded, but that did not stop Russian soprano Vlada Borovko making the most of her single scene as Boris' daughter Xenia. It would certainly be welcome to hear her assume more extensive repertoire in future."
(Evan Dickerson)
REVIEW from 2016-07-16  
"Well-Rehearsed Covent Garden Carmen Lacks a Dramatic Coup de Grâce"
2015-10-19 Seen and Heard International, London
"The smaller roles were as well-prepared as everything else seemed to have been: Vlada Borovko and Michèle Losier were a pair of high-spirited foils for Carmen as Frasquita and Mercédès, with Grant Doyle and Timothy Robinson having fun as the conspiring smugglers, Le Dancaïre and Le Remendado."
(Jim Pritchard)
REVIEW from 2015-10-19  
Rusalka's aria by A.Dargomyzhsky from "Rusalka", June 2014
Vlada Borovko performs Rusalka's aria from the opera "Rusalka" by A.Dargomyzhsky. The Large Concert Hall in Kazan. The  classical music festival for young musicians "Music is around us".  
"Carmen" 2nd act final
Carmen" 19/10/15 Photograph: Tristram Kenton for the Guardian The final of the 2nd act. 
Prom 2: Royal Opera's spine-tingling Boris Godunov transfers to the Proms
2016-07-17 Bachtrack, London
"Amongst the more minor roles, nods should go to Jeremy White's police officer, Nikitich who opened the opera with a powerful, sonorous bass, and Vlada Borovko's Xenia, the only female role in this version, whose warm soprano was given too little to sing."
(Dominic Lowe)
REVIEW from 2016-07-17  
Nabucco, Royal Opera, ROH, Covent Garden, June 2016
2016-06-07 Mark Ronan, theatre reviews, London
"The act I trio between Ismaele, Fenena and Abigail was beautifully sung, as were supporting roles, with ROH Young Artist Vlada Borovko notable as Zaccaria's sister Anna."
(Mark Ronan)
REVIEW from 2016-06-07  
Anna in "Nabucco" debut
After my debut  as Anna in "Nabucco" by G. Verdi.  Tatar State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kazan. 
"The Apostle" as Tanya
"The Apostle" by American composer Gamma Skupinsky. Russian premiere, Kazan 2012. I sang Tanya.  
2016-11-08 Theatre-news.com, London
"The plot is almost secondary as operas of the time were more about the music and performances than story. And being a baroque opera, arias abound. This gives the singers the opportunity to indulge themselves and their technique. All the cast are excellent but the standout was Borovko with the arias 'lo sperai di veder il tuo volto' and after Toante gives her an ultimatum and she fully understands the horror of her situation with 'Dite pace e fulminate". "
(Paul Chapinal)
REVIEW from 2016-11-08  
The singers shine in a real dog's breakfast: TULLY POTTER says you should close your eyes and focus on them during L'Elisir d'Amore
2017-06-02 Mail Online, London
"Russian soprano Vlada Borovko was a strong Giannetta"
REVIEW from 2017-06-02  
Londra - Royal Opera House: Mitridate Re di Ponto
2017-07-29 OperaClick,
"Di gran valore l'Aspasia di Vlada Borovko che sostituisce all'ultimo Albina Shagimuratova, malata.
Borovko, nonostante la chiamata last minute ha dato un'ottima prova di prontezza e abilità scenica, un timbro dal colore chiaro e posato, qualche piccola sbavatura su alcuni passaggi difficili, ma sempre mantenendo salda la concertazione in un'emissione curata della voce. Gli applausi che hanno omaggiato questo cambio nottetempo dicono più delle parole.
(Fabio Tranchida)
REVIEW from 2017-07-29  
Can the audience Handel it? Oreste gets the Tarantino treatment - review
2016-11-09 The Telegraph, London
"The women are ahead of the game here, with Vlada Borovko, Jennifer Davis and Angela Simkin all providing attractive and accomplished virtuosic singing"
(Rupert Christiansen)
REVIEW from 2016-11-09  
Oreste review at Wilton’s Music Hall – ‘talented young cast’
2016-11-14 The stage, London
"High vocal standards, from Angela Simkin's psychologically damaged Oreste, Jennifer Davis's reluctant executioner Ifigenia, Thomas Atkin's vividly sung Pilade, Vlada Borovko's spirited Ermione, Simon Shibambu's grand-scale Toante and with Gyula Nagy an increasingly lairy Filotete – a contralto role transposed for baritone."
(George Hall)
REVIEW from 2016-11-14  
Oreste ★★★★ review, Wilton's Music Hall
2016-11-09 Culture whisper, London
"The Irish soprano Jennifer Davis as Ifigenia, reluctant priestess, and the Russian soprano Vlada Borovko as Oreste's wife, Ermione, give particularly fine performances that grow and grow in strength. Borovko, as a woman who turns left even on a life-boat, spins her early, pearly sound, as shiny as her nails and pert chignon, into something richly coloured as she overcomes the despot."
(Claudia Pritchard)
REVIEW from 2016-11-09  
Debut at the Royal Opera House
After my debut as Frasquita at the ROH (London). 
Vlada Borovko with Angela Gheorgiu and Gerald Finley "Adriana Lecouvreur" ROH 2017
Act 4, "Adriana Lecouvreur" Royal Opera House, 2017 
Norma @ Royal Opera House, London
2016-09-13 MusicOMH, London
"As Norma's confidante Clotilde Vlada Borovko proved her worth as a rising soprano with a solid technique to listen out for, rounding out her character with skilled yet subtle acting ability."
(Evan Dickerson)
REVIEW from 2016-09-13  
2017-07-09 Crescendo Magazine ,
"Le rôle d'Aspasia était clairement une tâche ardue pour Vlada Borovko qui se défendait honorablement."
(Erna Metdepenninghen)
REVIEW from 2017-07-09  
A Summer Performance Showcases Young Talent Nurtured by the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme
2016-07-18 Seen and Heard International, London
"Nobody had anything less than a good voice but – in my opinion – only three singers genuinely commanded the stage and particularly drew my eyes to them: Russia's Vlada Borovko, Australia's Emily Edmonds and England's James Platt. Singing in Czech and Russian admittedly did cause all of them to be thinking more about the sound of their words rather than their acting; whilst all those involved were obviously happier when later singing in Italian or German."
(Jim Pritchard)
REVIEW from 2016-07-18  
2016-12-17 Opera magazine, Jan 2017, London
"Vlada Borovko, as Oreste's feisty wife Ermione, sang with a light metallic soprano and coped well with coloratura and the advances of king Toante (Simon Shibambu)"
(Amanda Holdway)
REVIEW from 2016-12-17  
"In Review: Boris Godunov"
2016-03-19 Schmopera, London
"Jette Parker Youth Artist Vlada Borovko was heartbreakingly beautiful as Xenia, Boris' daughter. She sang with a clear, powerful sound that fit this masculine opera."
(Jenna Douglas)
REVIEW from 2016-03-19  
"Boris Godounov opéra de Modeste Moussorgski"
2016-03-21 "Anaclase",
"Parmi les autres seconds rôles l'on remarque le soprano russe Vlada Borovko, attachante Xenia éplorée.."
( Bertrand Bolognesi)
REVIEW from 2016-03-21  
"Boris Godunov, Covent Garden"
2016-03-16 "Opera Today", London
"And, in the Tsar's apartments - where a map marks Russia's territories in red, as if the land is bathed in blood - sweet-toned relief is offered by Xenia (Vlada Borovko), who laments the death of her fiancé, and her Nurse (Sarah Pring), who tries to console her."
(Claire Seymour)
REVIEW from 2016-03-16  
Lisa's recollection from the opera "Dawns here are quiet" by K. Molchanov
The first performance of the piece for the audience with the pianist Ildar Nigmatullin.  
A sunny L'elisir d'amore at the Royal Opera House
2017-05-27 Opera today, London
"Jette Parker young artist, Vlada Borovko, has impressed me in the past (see Oreste at Wilton's and JPYA Summer Performance 2016 ) and here she was a rich, vibrant Giannetta who relished the opportunity to play to the crowd when delivering the latest gossip about Nemorino - she's got the news from the haberdasher, so it must be true."
(Claire Seymour)
REVIEW from 2017-05-27  
"Musorgsky’s Boris Godunov at the Royal Opera House"
2016-03-20 "Sunday express", London
"John Graham-Hall as Prince Shuisky subtly undermines the beleaguered Tsar, and Royal Opera Young Artist Vlada Borovko impresses as Boris's unhappy daughter Xenia."
REVIEW from 2016-03-20  
La chance sourit aux audacieuses
2016-09-23 Forumopera.com, Paris
"Chez les seconds rôles, Vlada Borovko suscite l'envie de l'entendre dans des emplois plus longs : une tradition pour les Clotilde de Royal Opera House."
(Yannick Boussaert)
REVIEW from 2016-09-23  
Bows after the ensemble from "Cavalleria rusticana" by P.Mascagni
 The performance as Lola in the ensemble under conducting of Marco Boemi. The Shaliapin International Opera festival gala, 2015.  
2016-11-14 Schmopera, London
"Soprano Vlada Borovko looked like Park Avenue had stumbled into Brooklyn as Oreste's wife, Ermione. She sang with a bird-like, clear-as-a-bell soprano that seemed perfectly naïve; her arias - excellently sung - spanned everything from understated and prayer-like to pyrotechnic and wild. The stakes didn't quite seem high enough for her character arc, however; the threat of rape by Toante felt luke-warm, and Ermione's turn on the violent leader felt less like a woman taking power, and more like the leadership's growing slack."
(Jenna Douglas)
REVIEW from 2016-11-14  
Hungarian Opera Theatre
The performance as Musetta on the Gala in The Hungarian State Opera Theatre. 
"Boris Godunov" the Royal Opera
Vlada Borovko as Xenia, Sarah Pring As Xenia's Nurse in Boris Godunov 
Verdi’s Messa da Requiem @ The Grange Festival, Alresford
2017-06-09 MusicOMH, London
"The soloists were very strong... Vlada Borovko's soprano blended perfectly with Lucia Cervoni's mezzo-soprano in 'Recordare, Jesu pie'"
( Sam Smith )
REVIEW from 2017-06-09  
Boris Godunov BBC proms rehearsal
Bryn Terfel (Boris) and Vlada Borovko (Xenia) on the rehearsal for BBC Proms 2016. 
Pretty Yende and Liparit Avetisyan are the Stars of the Future in the Royal Opera’s L’elisir d’amore
2017-05-28 Seen and Heard International, London
"the always-reliable Jette Parker Young Artist, Vlada Borovko, was a wholesome and appealing Giannetta."
(Jim Pritchard)
REVIEW from 2017-05-28  
2017-02-08 Schmopera, London
"Jette Parker Young Artists Vlada Borovko, Angela Simkin, Thomas Atkins and Simon Shibambuwere full of life and personality as Mademoiselles Jouvenot and Dangeville, and as Poisson and Quinault."
REVIEW from 2017-02-08  
"Tacea la notte placida..." from "Il Trtovatore" by G. Verdi
"Tacea la notte placida...Di tale amore " from "Il Trovatore" by G. Verdi was sang by Vlada Borovko (soprano) in Budapest during "The 1st Eva Marton Opera singing competition" in 2014. The Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy, the MÁV Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ádám Medveczky. 
Diva's Song "Blood+" anime live cover
Diva's Song from  "Blood+". The cover is performed by Vlada Borovko on a charity concert. Originally this song is written by Mark Mancina and sang by Elin Carlson. 
"ROH, Norma"
2016-09-13 Opera today, London
"The minor roles of Pollione's friend Flavio and Norma's confidante Clotilde, were sung competently by two Jette Parker Young Artists: David Junghoon Kim and Vlada Borovko respectively."
(Сlaire Seymour)
REVIEW from 2016-09-13  
"Oreste, Wilton’s Music Hall, review: A Handel-Mad Max mash-up"
2016-11-09 Independent, London
""Acting is strong – we shall surely see more of baritone Gyula Nagy, and soprano Vlada Borovko, who lands in this world like something out of Breakfast at Tiffany's, and sings with style to match"."
(Cara Chanteau)
REVIEW from 2016-11-09  
Bright singing, grim staging: the JPYA Summer Performance at Covent Garden
2016-07-17 Bachtrack, London
"Vlada Borovko gave a heartfelt Kát'a, steely top notes confidently placed..."
(Mark Pullinger)
REVIEW from 2016-07-17  
Clara's lullaby "Summertime" from "Porgy and Bess"
Clara's lullaby from "Porgy and Bess" by G. Gershwin. Live sound from the hall. Soprano: Vlada Borovko. Piano: Ildar Nigmatullin. The Large Concert Hall, Kazan. 
A Splendid Boris Godunov at the Proms
2016-07-18 Seen and Heard International, London
"Vlada Borovko reprised her excellence as Xenia, but Clarissa Meek took over, succesfully, from Sarah Pring for Xenia's Nurse."
(Colin Clarke)
REVIEW from 2016-07-18  
"Review: Carmen, Royal Opera House"
2015-10-29 "A young theatre", London
"Of the supporting performers, the pairing of Michèle Losier and Vlada Borovko as Carmen's gypsy friends must be praised – feisty and in sync with each other, these two are a welcome addition to each of the scenes they play a role in."
(Daniel Perks)
REVIEW from 2015-10-29  
As Mercedes in "Carmen" by G. Bizet (2014)

Performing as Mercedes in  "Carmen" during  the Shaliapin International Opera festiival in Kazan. February, 2014. 

"La Traviata" 9/03/16 the Royal Opera
Vlada Borovko (Violetta) with Charles Castronovo (Alfredo) in the 2nd act of "La Traviata" (Covent Garden, London) 
Vlada Borovko as Ermione in "Oreste" by G.F. Handel
Vlada Borovko as Ermione in "Oreste" by G.F. Handel. "Piango dolente il sposo" aria from the 3rd act. Production by Gerard Jones, November 2016. 
Vlada Borovko as Mlle Jouvenot "Adriana Lecouvreur" Covent Garden 2017
Vlada Borovko, Ferburary 2017. The general of "Adriana Lecouvreur" at the Royal Opera House. 
Vlada Borovko and Lucio Gallo in "La Traviata" Oper Köln
Vlada Borovko (Violetta) and Lucio Gallo (Germont) in the production of Oper Köln, 2017 
Vlada Borovko 2017
Photo session 
Review: Mitridate, re di Ponto, Royal Opera House
2017-07-16 A younger theatre, London
"Borovko sings powerfully and precisely."
(Dan Rubins)
REVIEW from 2017-07-16  
ROH, JPYAP audition, after the final
After the  audition for the Jette Parker Young Artist Programme in London, Covent Garden. It was absolutely amazing experience.  
Vlada Borovko and Bálint Szabó in "Adriana Lecouvreur"
Vlada Borovko as Mademoiselle Jouvenot and Bálint Szabó as Prince de Bouillon in David McVicar's production of Adriana Lecouvreur, The Royal Opera 2017 
Handel’s Oreste: shellshock and glee (Wilton’s Music Hall, 13 November 2016)
2016-11-14 www.dehggial.wordpress.com, London
""Indeed, this Jette Parker Young Artist showcase is built around Vlada Borovko's Ermione (Oreste's Bradamante-like wife). I saw her in the 2016 Summer JPYA performance and in a small role in Boris Godunov earlier this year but neither prepared me for her Baroque chops. Her voice feels very natural in this repertoire and more intimate setting. Should she want to continue down this route, I predict an intense Alcina in her future. The public loved her in any case. There was much to love. The voice filled the venue just right and it felt to me like her understanding of singing Baroque is spot on, coupled with a vocal texture that just works with what the music asks (thus able to express a lot of fine detail). To give you an idea, through the night I was reminded of Piau"
REVIEW from 2016-11-14  
Opera review: L’Elisir d’Amore - Royal Opera House
2017-06-04 Sunday Express, London
"Vlada Borovko is lively as Giannetta, leader of the village girls."
REVIEW from 2017-06-04  
Vlada Borovko debuts as Aspasia at the Royal Opera House (29.06.17)
"Mitridate, re di Ponto" by W.A. Mozart, debut as Aspasia, London, Royal Opera House 
The introduction with Nanny "Eugene Onegin"
Opera class final exam. Nanny and Tatiana. 
Vlada Borovko - Leonora's aria & Miserere "Il Trovatore" G. Verdi
"D'amor sull'ali rosee...Miserere" from "Il Trovatore" (Act 4) by G. Verdi.

Soprano: Vlada Borovko

Pianist: Alena Klyavina

London, 2017 
"Simplicius Simplicissimus; Oreste review – there will be blood"
2016-11-20 The Guardian, London
"Vlada Borovko (Ermione) brought the house down with her furious demisemiquavers."
(Stephen Pritchard)
REVIEW from 2016-11-20  
"On Shaliapin's celebration in Kazan"
2014-02-16 OperaNews.ru, Kazan
"The quartet of  the main characters  was professionally supported by  the smugglers with their plucky Gypsy friends. These parts were  performed by Kazan soloists Yuri Ivshin, Yuri Petrov, Gulnora Gatina and Vlada Borovko.
( Russian: "Квартет главных персонажей профессионально поддержали контрабандисты со своими боевыми подругами-цыганками. Эти партии исполнили казанские солисты Юрий Ившин, Юрий Петров, Гульнора Гатина и Влада Боровко".)
(Eugeny Tsodokov)
REVIEW from 2014-02-16  
Tatiana "Eugene Onegin" final exam
Playing Tatiana's Letter scene at the final exam 
Wilton's Music Hall
2016-11-09 Brian Dickie Life after 50 years in opera and still counting......, London
"Super Irish and Russian sopranos Jennifer Davis and Vlada Borovko were moving and stylish Handelians as the much abused young women, and the low life men were Hungarian Gyula Nagy and South African Simon Shimbambu - all these valuable contributors throughout the season to the Royal Opera in so many different smaller roles. Here was their opportunity to shine, and shine they did!"
(Brian Dickie)
REVIEW from 2016-11-09  
Vlada Borovko as Aspasia at Covent Garden
"Mitridate, re di Ponto" by W.A. Mozart (07.07.17), bows, Royal Opera House. 
"On Shaliapin's celebration in Kazan"
2014-02-16 http://www.operanews.ru/, Kazan
"I consider it my duty to mention  episodic parts of Crab Man  and Strawberry woman. Kazan soloists Stanislav Shcherbinin and Vlada Borovko managed  clearly show in these brief solo episodes their temperament in combination with refined craftsmanship. 
( Russian: "Считаю своим долгом упомянуть и совсем уж эпизодические партии Продавца крабов и Продавщицы клубники. Казанские солисты Станислав Щербинин и Влада Боровко сумели в этих кратких сольных эпизодах ярко проявить свой темперамент в сочетании с отточенным мастерством.)
(Eugeny Tsodokov)
REVIEW from 2014-02-16  
Vlada Borovko in "La Traviata" (Covent Garden 9/03/16)
As Violetta in "La Traviata", 1st act. 9/03/16. Role debut. 
Opera Gala bows
With Krzysztof Szumański, Alexander James Edwards, Marie Elliott and Peter Bailey. 
On the Grange Festival Hampshire
The 9th of June, 2017. Vlada Borovko debuts as soprano solo in Verdi's "Requiem" with the Grange Festival, UK.  
Opera review: Oreste at Wilton's Music Hall
2016-11-15 Express, London
"Angela Simkin plays the part of Oreste in a beguilingly mad and twitchy manner, while the other two female cast members, Jennifer Davis (Ifigenia) and Vlada Borovko (Ermione) display gloriously precocious singing talent."
REVIEW from 2016-11-15  
"Paul Wynne Griffiths on the music of Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci (The Royal Opera)"
Paul Wynne Griffiths of The Royal Opera introduces the music of Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana and Leoncavallo's Pagliacci with sung examples from Vlada Borovko and Samuel Dale Johnson as Nedda and Silvio (the  10 minute), at an Insight event with ROH Learning and Participation. 
2016-07-02 www.codalario.com,
"Con ganas nos quedamos de apreciar en roles de mayor enjundia a Vlada Borovko en el breve papel de Anna. Su frase "deh fratelli perdonate, una schiava salvata egli ha" fue suficiente para apreciar la existencia de un material de gran calidad."
(Rubén Martínez)
REVIEW from 2016-07-02  
2016-10-03 Schmopera, London
"Safe as the programme may have been, the singers and pianists impressed; some of our highlights were the performances by tenor Thomas Atkins, sopranos Jennifer Davis and Vlada Borovko, and tenor David Junghoon Kim."
(Jenna Douglas)
REVIEW from 2016-10-03  
Jette Parker Young Artists Summer Performance at Covent Garden
2017-07-18 Opera Today, City of London
"Opening the programme with the Act II duet from Verdi's I due Foscari, Vlada Borovko confirmed my previous impression (not least in last year's JPYA performance and most recently in the ROH's L'elisir d'amore ) that she is a soprano of dramatic power and commanding presence, well equipped to master Verdi's surging vocal lines. She was a stirring Lucrezia, comforting David Junghoon Kim's Foscari when he learns of his exile and conveying the full fierceness of Lucrezia's love for her husband and fiery scorn for the scheming clique, the Council of Ten. Later, when the ensemble came together for the end of Act 2 of Don Giovanni, Borovko displayed similar concentration and intensity in Donna Anna's 'Non mi dir'."
(Claire Seymour)
REVIEW from 2017-07-18  
Orchestra is the Star in Covent Garden’s Misconceived Production of Norma
2016-09-16 Seen and heard international, London
"Vlada Borovko was a fine Clotilde (Norma's confidante)"
(CClarke )
REVIEW from 2016-09-16  
"Carmen at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden"
 "Opera Online", London
"...while Vlada Borovko and Michèle Losier are excellent as Carmen's gypsy friends, Frasquita and Mercédès."
(Sam Smith)
"Mussorgsky : Boris Godunov / Royal Opera, 14th March 2015"
2016-03-15 Opera Britannia, London
"Fortunately the other parts were of high standard with special mention of Kostas Smoriginas excellent as Shchelkalov (what a gift of a role this is!) and Vlada Borovko as Xenia."
(Sebastian Petit)
REVIEW from 2016-03-15  
Russian chamber music recital
La Norma londinese di Sonya & Sonia
2016-09-30 Culturamente,
"Buoni il tenore David Junghoon Kim nel ruolo di Flavio, amico di Pollione, ed il soprano Vlada Borovko nel ruolo dell'ancella di Norma Clotilde, seppur vestita come la Signorina Rottenmeier."
(Marco Rossi)
REVIEW from 2016-09-30  
"La Traviata" at the Royal Opera (9/03/16)
Curtain calls after "La Traviata" by G. Verdi. My debut as Violetta. Nicola Luisotti, Charles Castronovo, Vlada Borovko, Quinn Kelsey. 
The Royal Opera at Wilton’s Music Hall – Handel’s Oreste...
2016-11-08 Classical source, London
"Ermione, Vlada Borovko was especially impressive for the precision of her tricky coloratura which did not come under strain whatever the demands Handel makes."
(Curtis Rogers)
REVIEW from 2016-11-08  
BWW Review: ORESTE, Wilton's Music Hall, 8 November 2016
2016-11-09 Broadway world, London
"As central couple Oreste and Ermione, Angela Simkin and Vlada Borovko have perhaps the toughest job of all, reconciling the contradictions of Handel's music and Jones's direction. Each impressed, though vocally it was Borovko who triumphed thanks to some of the composer's most generous vocal writing."
(Alexandra Coghlan)
REVIEW from 2016-11-09  
Sonya Yoncheva could become one of the most commanding Normas of our time
2016-09-13 The Telegraph, London
"Both the Flavio, David Junghoon Kim, and the Clotilde, Vlada Borovko, make their mark in recitative, and Brindley Sherratt is a properly solemn and fearsome Oroveso."
(Rupert Christiansen)
REVIEW from 2016-09-13  
Vlada Borovko as Violetta "La Traviata"
"La traviata", act 1. Oper Köln, 2017 
Vlada Borovko in L’elisir d’Amore 2017
Vlada Borovko as Giannetta in the chorus scene of Act 1 L'elisir d'Amore (C) 2017 ROH. Photograph by Bill Cooper 
Oreste at Wilton’s Music Hall, London
2016-11-11 Opera Online, London
"All soloists are members of the Royal Opera's Jette Parker Young Artists Programme, and deliver singing of an exceptionally high standard...Simkin, however, only stands as the first among equals as Jennifer Davis as Ifigenia, Gyula Nagy as Filotete, Simon Shibambu as Toante, Vlada Borovko as Ermione and Thomas Atkins as Pilade all play, and most importantly sing, their parts to the full"."
(Sam Smith)
REVIEW from 2016-11-11  
Decanter Royal Opera House Gala Dinner
I sang with world opera stars Bryn Terfel, Ermonela Yaho and a young tenor David Junghoonm Kim accompanied by Director of The Royal Opera Antonio Pappano. It was  a prestigious charity event at the ROH. I performed  "E strano..Sempre libera" from "La Traviata". 
ROH Jette Parker Young Artists Juke Box
2016-10-10 The Stuart Review, London
"To discuss just a few of the particular standouts: Vlada Borovko was the first soloist of the night with Glinka's 'All was quiet', Borovko's voice was simply flawless, I cannot wait to see how her career progresses, definitely one to watch!"
REVIEW from 2016-10-10  
Opera: Adriana Lecouvreurat Covent Garden
2017-02-10 The times, London
"Thomas Atkins, Simon Shibambu, Vlada Borovko and Angela Simkin are agile and deftly blended in the madrigalian ensembles, as are Bálint Szabó and Krystian Adam as the Prince and the Abbé ."
REVIEW from 2017-02-10  
Oreste | REVIEW
2016-11-16 The Cusp , London
"Borovko's shimmering coloratura had a steely accuracy and resolve that made it clear Ermione considered herself a cut above"
(Tom Stewart)
REVIEW from 2016-11-16  
"Opera "Porgy and Bess" by Gershwin was performed on the Shaliapin festival again"
2015-02-04 "The business online", Kazan
"And the Conservatory student  Vlada Borovko glittered with her absolutely lovely timbre, singing Strawberry Woman gorgeously.
(Elena Cheremnih)
REVIEW from 2015-02-04  
Norma, Covent Garden 2016
Vlada Borovko (Clotilde), Brindley Sherratt (Oroveso), Niamh Worrell, Sonya Yoncheva (Norma) and Joseph Calleja (Pollione) in Norma by Bellini at the Royal Opera House. Photograph: Tristram Kenton for the Guardian 
"Review: Carmen (Royal Opera, London)"
2015-10-30 "Limelight Magazine", London
"Along with Vlada Borovko as Frasquita and Michele Losier as Mercedes, all four provided a welcome freshness to a sometimes pedestrian revival."
(Howard Shepherdson)
REVIEW from 2015-10-30  
Vlada Borovko, 2013 
Don Carè to the rescue (ROH/Carmen)
2015-11-17 An opera notebook, London
"An especial mention must go to Frasquita (Vlada Borovko). A fairly small part, but really very wonderful - more noticeable from the front of the stalls than the back of the stalls circle, a commanding presence and really beautiful instrument. I anticpate her in Godunov and I might well plonk for Nabucco too."
REVIEW from 2015-11-17  
Anna in "Nabucco" Covent Garden 2016
June 2016, Vlada Borovko as Anna in "Nabucco" G. Verdi 
"Una Carmen per Parigi"
2015-11-14 "L'ape musicale",
"Apprezzabili la Frasquita di Vlada Borovko e la Mercedes di Rachel Kelly."
(Pietro Gandetto)
REVIEW from 2015-11-14  
2018-11-10, Santiago
Conductor: Pedro-Pablo Prudenci
Soloists: Borovko, Vlada
As Violetta (ROH "La Traviata" event)
I performed in the original gown from the Royal Opera production of "La Traviata" during Learning and Participation program "Brindisi" event before the show.  
Religious fervour: La Fura dels Baus dramatic interpretation of Bellini's Norma at Covent Garden
2016-09-13 Planet Hugill, London
"Both David Junghoon Kim and Vlada Borovko impressed in the smaller roles of Flavio and Clotilde."
(Robert Hugill )
REVIEW from 2016-09-13  
Концерт молодых талантов Ковент-Гардена
2016-08-01 Operanews, London
"Впечатляюще был исполнен эпизод «Кати Кабановой», где Катерина – наша Влада Боровко – великолепно контролирующая верхние ноты, порадовала нас своим сверкающим тембром и ярким исполнением. В прошедшем сезоне она прекрасно исполнила роль Ксении в «Борисе Годунове», пела Фраскиту в «Кармен», а в марте дебютировала в «Травиате» как Виолетта."
(Людмила Яблокова)
REVIEW from 2016-08-01  
"Quando m'en vo" Musetta's Waltz
"Quando m'en vo" (Musetta's Waltz) from "La Boheme" by G. Puccini was performed by Vlada Borovko (soprano) in Budapest during "The 1st Eva Marton Opera singing competition". The Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy, the MÁV Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ádám Medveczky. 
Londres The Royal Opera: "Oreste", provocación sensible e inteligente
2016-11-19 Opera actual.com,
"Vlada Borovko, en cambio, fue una Ermione de voz redonda, elegante y lírica en busca de su esposo Oreste"
(Eduardo Benarroch)
REVIEW from 2016-11-19  
In review: Mitridate, re di Ponto at ROH IN REVIEW: MITRIDATE, RE DI PONTO AT ROH
2017-07-02 Schmopera, London
"Some of the best singing of the evening came from Vlada Borovko, filling in for Albina Shagimuratova as Aspasia. She seemed utterly comfortable and confident, taking the stage with grace and fleshing out the vulnerabilities of her character easily. Her tone was round and plummy, yet incredibly agile and flexible. Particularly, her quiet singing was something to be remarked on - very well controlled, but it seemed to always be deeply felt. I kept thinking I'd heard her best aria, but then she would impress me again. She opened the opera with a stunning display of vocal fireworks and emotional intensity that was balanced best by the incredibly tender and astonishing "Pallid'ombre" in Act III."
(Patricia Auchterlonie)
REVIEW from 2017-07-02  
"Review: Oreste, Wilton’s Music Hall"
2016-11-10 A Younger Theatre, London
"Russian soprano Vlada Borovko's performance of Ermione is particularly impressive, as she delivers complex ornamentation with clarity and precision, whilst simultaneously embodying her prim and proper character."
(Emily May)
REVIEW from 2016-11-10  
"Miserere" extract from Operalia final 2017
Vlada Borovko sings "Miserere" from "Il Trovatore" on the final round of Operalia under Placido Domingo in Astana Opera.  
"The night before Christmas" by E. Anisimova
Playing Solockha on the contemporary performance of Elena Anisimova "The night before Christmas"". The world premiere, 2013. 
Strawberry woman ("Porgy and Bess" concert performance)
After "Porgy and Bess". Tatar State Opera and Ballet Theatre, 2015. 
2017-07-08 The Idle Woman, London
"The young Mozart made a point of writing very tricky arias to show off his talents, and Aspasia gets most of the very hard music. Her opening aria, Al destin, che la minaccia, would be demanding even for a seasoned professional, but Borovko pulled out all the stops and delivered that vaulting coloratura with flair. She was a bit quiet for the rest of Act 1, perhaps having exhausted her fire on that crucial first aria, but she came back in Acts 2 and 3. Visually she made a perfect Aspasia: poised, but young, gentle but proud. Of course, in this production there are challenges quite aside from the vocal ones: Aspasia has to negotiate a court mantua approximately six feet wide, which makes the flamboyant tonnelets worn by the 'men' look positively sane. Borovko was more than equal to the task: gliding around the stage like a porcelain doll, her emotions as constrained as her costume."
REVIEW from 2017-07-08  
"E strano...Ah! Fors'e lui...Sempre Libera" ("La Traviata" G. Verdi) live
Vlada Borovko sings "E Strano! E strano...Ah! Fors'e lui...Sempre Libera" from "La Traviata" in London (January 2016). 
"Carmen @ Royal Opera House, London"
2015-10-20 Music OMH, London
"Her friends Frasquita and Mercédès were strongly characterized by Vlada Borovko and Michèle Losier respectively, and Grant Doyle and Timothy Robinson made their mark as the two smugglers."
(Melanie Eskenazi)
REVIEW from 2015-10-20