Are you interested in finding out what musicians are out there? Are you looking for new talent or soloists successful in other places, but have not yet heard in your venue?

HELLO STAGE has one of the most comprehensive databases in classical music. It starts with a database of over 6,600 classical music works. We then connect that database to musicians on the platform. So you can find out who played what, where, and with whom. This is the kind of information upon which you can base your programming decisions.

The days of searching for the needle in the haystack are now over. Not only can you easily find all relevant information on HELLO STAGE, it can also be readily accessed from any device.

Key features only available to promoters include:

  • Favorites: You can mark musicians and ensembles as favorites, allowing you to easily follow them. Any news about the ensemble will be displayed in the news stream on your dashboard.
  • Search: You will have one of the most sophisticated search functions. Not only can you search repertoire, but you can also search who played what, where, and with whom.



After clicking on JOIN NOW you can start working right away. When you are done look into your inbox you will get an e-mail for authentication.