Sam Desmet



"So do you write your own music?"
- I'm a classical musician. I interpret music from a composer. A very common question after I introduce myself as a classical guitarist.

It is widely accepted that an actor doesn't interpret his own writing… So why is it not for a classical guitarist?"

"What's in the job description?"
- Getting people curious about what classical guitar music is all about.

"How do you do that?"
- I believe not necessarily the music needs to be changed, but perhaps a twenty first century approach could help to broaden the audiences of classical music. Program notes with meaningless lists of composers, pieces, teachers, prices & competitions, performers in a black & white outfit; having doubts when to clap; ...

Time for an update? I believe so! Only one thing remains: quality music

latest News
Asian Debut Concert (Taiwan) 26. Aug 2016

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Short Profile

NameDesmet, Sam
Date of Birth1981-04-23
Born inBelgium, Europe
Home LocationMiami, United States
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages Dutch; Flemish,  French 
attended UniversitiesFlorida State University / Royal Conservatory Ghent (Belgium)
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