Jorge Grudnman Isla

Jorge Grundman is a composer who focuses principally on chamber music. Artists who have performed his works include the Brodsky Quartet, Ara Malikian, Trío Arbós, Susana Cordón or Albert Guinovart among others.

The music of Jorge Grundman has been awarded or award nominated in many occasions. Grundman has won awards such as the Narcissus Awards of the United States in 2005 and the NAR 2004 nomination awards as "Best Contemporary Instrumental Album" for his work "We are the forthcoming past, take care of it". Also he has received the Best Instrumental Song at 12th Independent Music Awards for his string quartet "On Blondes and Detectives" dedicated to Brodsky Quartet. In addition and for the first time in International Songwriting Competition 13-year history, a composer from Spain, Jorge Grundman, has won First Place in a category, taking home the prestigious award in Instrumental Music for his string quartet "On Blondes And Detectives".

Grundman is also the first Spanish composer who has received two prizes from the Boston Metro Opera. His monodrama "Four Sad Seasons Over Madrid" for Soprano, Violin, Piano and String Orchestra received in 2014 the BMO Concert Award; and his monodrama "God's Sketches" for String Quartet, Soprano and Mallets has received the BMO Director's Choice Award.

In addition, many of his music has been nominated directly or included in award nomination albums, like in 2013 the award nomination as Best Classical Album for "God's Sketches" performed by Brodsky Quartet, Susana Cordón and Jaime Fernández Soriano at 5th Spanish Independent Music Awards. In 2012 the album which includes his piano trio A Walk across Adolescence, "Play It Again", performed by Trio Arbos was award nominated as Best Classical Album at 4th Spanish Music Awards. In 2010 the album "No Seasons" performed by Ara Malikian, Daniel del Pino and Susana Cordon, which includes the monodrama written by Grundman "Four Sad Seasons Over Madrid" for Soprano, Violin, Piano and String Orchestra was nominated as Best Classical Performers at Spanish Music Awards. In addition in 2008 the album "Meeting with a friend" performed by Ara Malikian which includes his Concerto Sentido for Violin, Viola, Cello and String Orchestra was nominated also as Best Classical Performers in the Spanish Music Awards.

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    A Mortuis Resurgere: The Resurrection of Christ
    "I first came across Jorge Grundman's concert compositions when reviewing a disc from his Spanish Non-Profit Music label (God's Sketches - Brodsky Quartet), and was impressed by the honesty and intensity of emotions expressed eloquently in his self-styled 'music from a story' approach. Here he is with another musically unique approach to a story, that being from the Gospel of "John", relating the aftermath of the crucification of Jesus Christ, this time in the Brodsky's home stable of Chandos Records.

    Jorge Grundman reminds us that many works over time have been based on the passion and death of Jesus Christ, but few deal with the subsequent resurrection and joy it imparts to believers. He was asked to write a piece to be played during Easter week, to be placed after a performance of Haydn's 'Music on the Seven Last Words of our Saviour from the Cross', commissioned in 1785 or 1786 for the Good Friday service at Cádiz Cathedral in Spain. Haydn adapted it in 1787 for string quartet and in 1796 as a full scale oratorio (with both solo and choral vocal forces). Grundman's 'A Mortis Resurgare' is a not a continuation of Haydn's work but a highly original sequel. His minimalist ensemble includes the Brodsky String Quartet, with whom he had worked intensively on his Non-Profit disc, as he did with the vocalist Susana Cordón, for whom he wrote 'A Mortis Resurgare', which he designates as an oratorio, in the spirit of the earliest forms of that Baroque invention .

    Grundman constructed a three-part format, with changes of execution and content in each, so as to hold a listener's attention. As an Introduction which technically follows on from Haydn's last movement (an Earthquake), the Brodskys introduce 'A Mortis Resurgare' by portraying a sober, measured and shocked aftermath of the desolation. The post-Crucifixion world seems helpless and hopeless, but in the final bars a hint of forthcoming love and hope gently emerge.

    Part 1
    (John Miller)
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    A Mortuis Resurgere: The Resurrection of Christ
    2014-07-07 International Record Review,
    "International Record Review publishes a wonderful review of A Mortuis Resurgere signed by William Hedley recalling Joseph Haydn, Steve Reich, Henryk Gorécki and even Arvo Pärt, but stating that my oratorio has its own character and sound world and talks about its ineffable sweetness"
    (William Hedley)
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