Luis Antonio Amery Rey Tuesta

I am born 1980/01/10 in Pucallpa, Peru. At the age of fourteen I moved to Lima to finish the high school. Over there at the age of sixteen I started to play guitar. The way how I started was empirically at the first time. A friend of mine lent me a guitar. Through song books in which you could find notes to guitar I did teach myself my first accords. Thereafter I did become autodidact so that I could teach myself theory about music. I found so much pleasure in learning by myself. I did read a lot of books about music from different periods as renaissance, baroque, classic, romantic, modern and contemporary classical. I could get cassettes with such a kind of music adapted to guitar and I was so amazed by such a discovery. A friend of mine was taking lessons of classical guitar so it was him who supplied me scores to guitar. I was enchanted by the sound of the guitar in the classical style. In few months I was playing music from Mauro Giuliani, Johann Sebastian Bach, Francisco Tarrega, Gaspar Sans and training day and night through Abel Carlevaro method books.From the very beginning of my musical journey I could get into many bands playing the bass. All kind of genre like grunge, punk, punk rock, hard rock, thrush metal, heavy metal, neo-classical metal, pop, rock & roll, blues, reggae, Latin, Latin jazz, funk, bossa nova, classic music, huayno, cumbia, folk, psychedelic music and fusion.

The highest stage to achieve in music is to personify music by oneself. To love music is a feeling which can wrap all your emotions in order to discern until find simplicity in diversity.

I could enjoy music when I was playing works from composers of yesteryears. But I couldn't get the highest stage.

At the age of twenty years old I started to compose my own music.
I did studied music in three music schools and among them one was the National Conservatory of Music in Lima, Peru. I finished my education in C.E.O. Folklórico Del Magisterio A.V.G. in Lima, Peru 2006.

I did participate in more than five musical ensembles and I've been in more than twenty five performances under the last four years.

I did finish some own musical projects called:

"Prema by Siddhanta" 2012, in which there is seven pieces of modern classical guitar.

 "Nimai" 2014 to you. "Music and Love make your life better".

and "The World Loves You"  2014...  Now workind in a new project called: "La Vida" Instrumental Chill Out Music.

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