Victoria Sánchez

conductor, piano
Victoria Sànchez
Conducting is my passion
credits: Nicolàs Flores Monteverde
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Victoria Sánchez, Orchestra Conductor from Venezuela
From the moment I heard an orchestra for the first time, I knew which instrument I was going to play for the rest of my life. Being an Orchestra Conductor has become my greatest passion. I’m the only musician in my family. However, my father, who loved to sing and dance, guided my first steps in this wonderful career until the moment had arrived to what would become my second home… El Sistema, where I have grown both musically and spiritually and where I am living my love, music. As a pianist of the main orchestras in Venezuela, I have had the privilege of playing in the most magnificent halls of the world, an experience both enriching and exciting. Today, after having conducted more than 80% of the Venezuelan orchestras, my dream is to become one of the most prominent conductors of the world. I always give the best of me because I feel the responsibility to promote, through this magical language that goes beyond borders, the values of unity, the bonds of brotherhood and peace, as well as promoting the leading figure of women within the most sublime art of mankind.
credits: Nicolás Flores Monteverde