Duo Petrof: Anatoly Zatin & Vlada Vassilieva

At Petrof Pianos
Playing the Ant. Petrof piano in Hradec Kralove
credits: Photo: Michal Kobrle
Duo Petrof by Bizzarristudio
Anatoly Zatin and Vlada Vassilieva
credits: Bizzarristudio, CDMX
© Starbrands de Mexico
Video / Audio
Mendelssohn: Andante & Allegro Brillante Op.92
From the CD Duo Petrof plays Ant. Petrof (Columna Música, 2017)
credits: Piano: Antonin Petrof 275. Microphones designed and built by Samar Audio Design
© Columna Música, 2017
El Jarabe Tapatio
Two-piano arrangement: Anatoly Zatin
Nominated for the 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards