Alberto Chines

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Video / Audio
Stravinsky/Agosti - The Firebird: Danse Infernale, Berceuse et Finale
A spectacular, highly demanding piano transcription of three well known movements from Stravinsky's Firebird, masterfully crafted by Italian pianist and composer Guido Agosti.
Soler - Fandango in D minor [Alberto Chines, piano] - HD
The Fandango in D minor, R. 146 by Padre Antonio Soler (1729 - 1783) is one of the most spectacular, hypnotic and virtuosic keyboard pieces of the late baroque era. A short introduction is followed by over ten minutes of wild musical figurations on a typical, repetitive fandango bass line. Vertiginous jumps, repetitions and walls of arpeggios makes the Fandango a really demanding (and fun!) piece both on harpsichord and piano.