Panagiotis Theodosiou

composer, piano
with "IT" ensemble
Panagiotis Theodossiou
copyright. P. Chalkidis
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Panagiotis Theodossiou, The Flying Hat. Three excerpts for chamber orchestra
“The Flying Hat” Scenes of a Fairy Tail, for orchestra (2006)
a. “A Little Fanfare”
b. “The Hatland”
c. “Dad, the Giant Hat”
d. “Dance of the Little Hats”
e. “The Wind”
f. “The Flight”
g. “Farewell”
A fairy tale full of inspiration written by a child was the stimulus for the creation of this polytonal work for orchestra. With humor and innocence, piquant orchestration and cinematic use of the sound, the work is dedicated to the child, Michalis Tillianakis and to Eleutherios Geitonas, director of “Geitonas School” who gave the idea for this project.
The work has been transcribed for piano, 4 hands, for the "Duo Pianismo" recital in "Benetatou" Cultural Center of Psihiko in 2010 and for wind quintet for the "Q innegal" Wind Quintet Concerts in Athens in 2011 ("Attikon Odeion"Conservatory, Art Gallery Café, Athens, Perigiali Theater, Korinthos). Excerpts of the work has been performed by Psychiko Youth Orchestra conducted by the conposer at Arssakeion Educational Institute Theater in 2016.
credits: Psychiko Youth Orchestra, cond. Panagiotis Theodossiou
© 2016 P.Theodossiou
Panagiotis Theodossiou, Toccata for piano solo (perf. Konstantinos Papapadakis
3d part of my "Scenes from Ancient Greece" Suite for piano solo, wonderfully performed by Konstantinos Papadakis.

Konstantinos gave the premier at "Philips Autograph Library",
West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester, 2010.
He performed the work three more times in the U.S.A., at Rose Recital Hall, University of Pennsylvania, at National Hellenic Museum Chicago, Illinois and Smith Memorial Room University
of Illinois, Urbana - Champain, 2012.
credits: Panagiotis Theodossiou
© P.Theodossiou 2012