Alexander Mayer

conductor, organ
Alexander Mayer
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© Tashko Tasheff
Video / Audio
TEJWE: With Kolsimcha and the Basel Symphony Orchestra
Kolsimcha and Sinfonieorchester Basel performing "Dance Suite", conducted by Alexander Mayer. The music is from "Tevye", a ballet by Richard Wherlock. This is the view from the pit.
credits: Music composed and orchestrated by Olivier Truan. Video filmed and edited by Olivier Truan. Audio recording by Robert Hermann.
Mozart Serenata Notturna
Felix Froschhammer, V1; Jonas Grenier, V2; Céline Portat, Viola; Tashko Tasheff, Kontrabass

Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel
Alexander Mayer

Salle de Musique
La Chaux-de-Fonds
credits: Audio: Richard Kuster; Video: David Guyot