Le Dimore del Quartetto

Le Dimore del Quartetto is a project bonding the needs of excellent young string Quartets with the enhancement of historic Villas' cultural heritage.
We created a network of historic Villas willing to host young musicians to study and rehearse together in exchange for a free concert. The project creates a circular economy where ancient Villas' unused spaces and geographic isolation become a precious resource for young music ensembles. Our Quartets are selected by Simone Gramaglia, viola of Quartetto di Cremona.
Through the network of Le Dimore del Quartetto chamber music is played in the venues for which it was originally conceived, and above all it attracts new targets of public by creating unusual opportunities for gathering in unique places.
The best Quartets are awarded with scholarships at the end of every season.

The current network of Le Dimore del Quartetto in a nutshell:

• 15 Quartets
• 45 Villas, spread in 11 regions e 26 provinces all over Italy
• 37 concerts with an average number of 60 spectators for each concert in 2016
• 149 days the Quartets spent studying and rehearsing in the villas in 2016
• 2 scholarships of 5000 euro each given in 2016

The network is growing and aims at involving new Villas and Quartets from all over Europe.

To discover more about how to participate in the project, to follow our activities and concerts, visit www.ledimoredelquartetto.eu (English version available soon)

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