Braydon Twede

saxophone, percussion

My name is Braydon Twede. I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and lived there till I was 18 years old. I spent most of my high school experience taking music classes and participating in every music group I could get into. After high school I did a study abroad program in Vienna, Austria. I took a few classes but my main focus was my internship with music. I had a chance to play as a guest star with a jazz trio and played with a group of highly talented musicians at a jazz party. Vienna is a city of music and it is something I hope everyone has a chance to experience at some point in their life. As from there the rest of my life is still yet to be determined. 

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Short Profile

NameTwede, Braydon
Date of Birth1998-02-22
Born inUnited States, North America
Home LocationIdaho Falls, United States
Main languageEnglish
attended UniversitiesBYU university
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