Les Clés de l'écoute


LES CLES DE L’ECOUTE, THE KEYS OF LISTENING is a french troup gathering different kind of artists such as composers, musicologists, musicians, and also dancers, actors, mimes, illustrators...They work together to create live performances and present to the audience a new way of listening, much more active with interaction between the artists, the musical piece and the audience. 

Les Clés de l’écoute is the most important troup producing educational concerts for orchestras in France. Among the partners there is L’Orchestre de Paris, Chamber Orchestra of Paris, National Orchestra of Ile-de-France, Ensemble InterContemporain, National Orchestra of Bordeaux-Aquitaine, Orchestra of Vendee, Auditorium of the Museum of the Louvre, Ministry of National Education and Editions Gallimard.

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