Dimitris Karakantas

Dimitris Karakantas
Photo by Studio 43 photography
Dimitris Karakantas
Photo by Stanislav Jenis
Dimitris Karakantas
Photo by Sheng-Fang Chiu
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Simos Papanas - Suite no.1 Giga for solo violin|Dimitris Karakantas
Simos Papanas - Suite no.1 for solo violin IV.Giga

Dimitris Karakantas, Violin

Simos Papanas |Suites for solo violin
The two Suites for solo violin deal with the violin music of specific historic periods. The first Suite, dedicated to violinist Georgios Demertzis, instructed after the baroque suite, with each movement following the typical two-part form.
The second suite, dedicated to violinist Melina Mandozzi, musically describes Vienna between the two World Wars, The first movement is a dedication to the music of Fritz Kreisler, the second is a comment to the valse and the fourth describes the salon musique of the time. In between comes the extremely virtuosic Interludio. Both suites were premiered by Georgios Demertzis.
- Album『Simos Papanas - Works for solo violin』

Enrique Granados - Danza Española No. 5|Dimitris Karakantas, Thodoris Haros
Dimitris Karakantas, Violin
Thodoris Haros, Guitar
Enrique Granados - Danza Española No. 5 (arr. Kreisler/Haros)
Album Alba Tanguera