Georgina García-Mauriño Transmedia Author

All set for video recording...
We are not "professionals" but we manage to do quite a decent job. Your performances or collaborations here can be recorded at your convinience.  
Family Workshops in a place also available for Private Concerts and Masterclasses
Cuéntame una Ópera / Tell me an opera workshops.
Music, Art and Literature workshops.
by Georgina García-Mauriño
Madrid (Spain)
Winter and Spring 2015
A special work for Fundación Victoria y Joaquín Rodrigo.
This is a recital following the narration of the tale "Feliz Navidad con / Merry Christmas with... JOAQUIN RODRIGO" written and illustrated by Georgina García-Mauriño, and  published as a bilingual book, featuring Rodrigo's Christmas Tableau and other pieces for the season.
On stage: Georgina García-Mauriño (author and presenter), Aurelio Viribay (pìano) and Sonia de Munk (soprano)
Centro Cultural Úrculo (Madrid-Spain)
October 2011.
Video / Audio
Georgina's 3 minute Résumé
Georgina García-Mauriño, 20 years as an author (1996-2017)
3' video-résumé
A collaboration with "Another Look at Music"
This is a video for a special playlist by Manuel Gimferrer in his YouTube channel, where he introduces his performances in a very personal way linking the compositions with art and literature. This is the first of the three videos presenting Ravel's Sonatine.
The format chosen was a sort of interview/dialogue between Manuel Gimferrer and Georgina García-Mauriño  
All contents were recorded in the living room.