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Rezension des LesungsKonzertes in Raisting am Ammersee, 18.9.2016
A very nice review on a readingconcert I gave with pianist Irina Kornilnko.
credits: Weilheimer Tagblatt, Näher
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Andrea Riemer at the Ammersee, close to Munich
Andrea has a strong relation to the Five See Area, south of Munich. Due to her close relation to the Ammerseerenade, which pushed her carreer as writer considerably, she is often present at locations such as the monastry St. Ottilien, in Schondorf, Raising and Dießen. Andrea performs as speaker of her texts, mostly together with the pianist Irina Kornilenko.
credits: Maren Martell
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Andrea Riemer together with the Janoska Ensemble, Sep. 2nd, 2015, Landsberg/Lecht
Together with the Jansoka Esemble, Andrea Riemer performed an "Hour of Pause" as a different way to commemorate 70 years end of WW II in the bunker of the former concentration camp in Landsberg/Lech. Andrea did the outline of the event and texts. 
credits: Maren Martell
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Video / Audio
Pathfinder – Give me a minute, or may be two …part 8
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Today and tomorrow, it is not enough to be a skillful artist. Entrepreneural skills and knowledge are equally important. As often mentioned, only few artists have a management. Being an artist-entrepreneure points to be self-responsible. One day, the artist may decide to delegate certain tasks to free more room for her/his core business. By then, the artist has to have core knowledge about how her/his business works. And this very core knowledge has to be applied, refined, applied, refined, enhanced, and so on. 

The series and more on coaching also in English can be found under:
credits: Andrea Riemer
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