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 I was born on July 10th 1980. I did my first piano lessons at 13 years old. I had the pleasure, close to remarkable teachers, to study piano, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, composition, music technology, orchestration and film scoring.
  From 2004 until now I have composed the music for perfomances, fairytales, movies and soundtracks.

   Since 2008 engaged professionally with  transcriptions and  arrangements,  as well  as music engraving(copying) for many music publishers, bands, composers and music performers.
latest News
Work as music copyist 31. May 2016

Heartwork is a beautiful edition with 14 Advanced Piano Solos of composer Jesse Brown. Wonderful melodies with jazz harmonies and passages. I have the honor to collaborate with Jesse for this sheet music book as music engraver.

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