The ThreeX


"X-periencing the ThreeX live is X-iting, X-hilarating and X-quisite! Watching them on DVD is the closest you can get to the real thing. They are musical and comedic freaks on nature in the best possible way"

                             Aleksey Igudesman - violinist, composer, conductor and actor

The ThreeX
is one of the best music comedy groups I’ve had the privilege to experience. WARNING: Viewing of this DVD may result in frequent, uncontrolled, hysterical fits of laughter. If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor and don’t forget to give him a copy!

                                                                             Zoltan Kiss (Mnozil Brass)

This excellent ensemble carries on the elements of a comical performance with a fun take on music that is flourishing in Poland, from playful 17th century Baroque compositions, through Chopin’s familiar sense of humour and even completely suspicious work of Waldemar Malicki, who, upon hearing The ThreeX music group, decided to voluntarily turn himself over to the law enforcement authorities.

                                                                            Waldemar Malicki (Pianist)


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Short Profile

Name The ThreeX Founded2001
Main languageEnglish Additional languages Polish,  German 
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