Andrew Levine - Thereminist

Theremin, violin, tenor voice
Andrew Levine, born 1968 in NY City, has his 1st violin lesson at the age of six. He sings in various choirs and from 1986 on studies as a solo tenor and altus.

M.A. in computational linguistics and psychology at the university of Trier. A/V-productions since 1998; beginning in 2003 with an emphasis on live-recordings (in stereo and 5.1 surround) with the mobile studio / label "blumlein records.”

Plays the Theremin from 2010 on, primarily in improvising constellations.
In 2014 Andrew is awarded the Goldener Bobby (classical music, instrumental) by the Verband Deutscher Tonmeister.

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Short Profile

NameLevine, Andrew
Date of Birth1968-03-16
Born inUnited States, North America
Home LocationHamburg, Germany
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages German,  French 
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Oscillations review
2015-06-04 Personal eMail, Germany

The title Oscillations is very fitting. One can discern vibrations and variations of many kinds, often unpredictable–but always transparent and precious. It is fascinating how oftentimes the Theremin merges and becomes one with the voice […]

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