Marzia Gaggioli

piano, composer
Marzia Gaggioli is a classical composer and singer-songwriter. At age of six years, she already played the piano by ear and composed her first songs.
When she was 14, she became a "SIAE" memeber (Italian Copyright Society for Composers/Authors and Editors) passing the tests and getting qualifications as "music composer" and "lyrics author". 

She has composed more than 1200 compositions between sonatas, symphonies, concertos, minuets, rondos, nocturnes and serenades, marches, waltzes and more.
She is also a singer-songwriter and she composes, arranges and sings her songs in different styles and languages.

Played instruments:
Piano and keyboards, drums kit, violin.

More about Marzia:
She took part in many competitions in her Country (about pop music) and performed live as singer and drummer. 
One of her "pop song" became a hit in Poland and it reached the highest top of the music charts.

Marzia has also others passions: she loves drawing and painting, shooting and editing videos, creating clothes and costumes, writing poems and fantasy stories.

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Short Profile

NameGaggioli, Marzia
Born inItaly, Europe
Main languageEnglish
Additional languages Italian,  German 
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