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Melting of two souls…

In the mid nineteenth century, while both were living in exile, far from their German homeland,, two souls felt attracted by the mysticism and magic flowing from their art. Their music and poetry merged to share a dimension where they vibrated entangled, in constant fusion, thus accomplishing a marvellous musical masterpiece: the Cycle ¨Five Poems by Mathilde Wesendonck, for female voice and piano”, which were composed by Richard Wagner, immensely inspired by Mathilde von Wesendonck´s exquisite, highly spiritual poetry .

Poetess and “Musa”, friend and old soul, who also inspired further several composers, Mathilde Wesendonck leads us to dimensions, where we are actually having a dialogue with Infinity: she is a safe guide along the path for the enlightement of her readers´souls. She is indeed, along this Cycle of Songs, her own “Angel”.

Her guidance, as she herself felt and expressed it, would be Richard Wagner´s universal and mystical genius. The marvellous fusion and entanglement then occurred, much beyond the personal and shared fascination of both towards each other.

In 2016, for us, this fusion shines itself once more, in its full magnificence. It guides the expressiveness in the performing task of our Wesendonck Duo. Its magic guidance makes us, both performers, joyously melt and return to the source….

Text by Donna Reinhard.


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NameTuned within a profound experience in the world of opera, we both felt the desire to create our Wesendonck Duo, in order to redefine and honour the music composed by Richard Wagner, thus releasing it from its stigma of the past. In gratitude, Wesendonck D Founded2010
Home LocationBarcelona, Spain
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