Gerald Wilhelm Braden / Composer

piano, guitar, double bass
(c) The Music Shoppe

Overture for America (Orchestra)

This is a midi mp3 mix of an orchestra score I composed titled Overture for America. Hopefully someday I will be able to replace this with a live orchestra performance. Though it is not nearly as good as a live performance, it is still good enough to give you a decent idea of how the music sounds. If anyone is interested in performing any of my works live, please contact me. All my works are fully scored, and copyrighted. Thank you!

I composed this piece as a testament to all of the different good people and cultures that have come to the United States for a better life. There are genre touches of my Austrian Germanic background, a Spanish Bolero, Russian, English, Nordic, French, Hungarian, and other music cultures in this piece. My hope is that you will all enjoy your lives here, and become good Americans and neighbors, as my family did, that will live peacefully, and follow the laws of our nation. I hope you all enjoy my music, and thank you for listening...Peace!
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