Gerald Wilhelm Braden / Composer

piano, guitar, double bass

Winter Poem (Orchestra & Harp)

 This is a midi mp3 mix of an orchestra score I composed titled Winter Poem. Hopefully someday I will be able to replace this with a live orchestra performance. Though it is not nearly as good as a live performance, it is still good enough to give you a decent idea of how the music sounds. If anyone is interested in performing any of my works live, please contact me. All my works are fully scored, and copyrighted. Thank you!

I composed this orchestral piece with my families homeland of Vienna, Austria in mind, as well as all the beautiful winter scenes I've experienced in America. It opens with the brass sounding a return home during a cold winter day. The harp and pizzicato strings starting in measure 8 represent the cold clear air, and falling of  fresh snowflakes. In measure 12, we are once again at home in a warm house, and a high and low wood block are used for the ticking of a clock, and there is also a clock chime. Flutes and oboes begin in measure 16, as we slowly drift off for a nap in front of a warm fire. In measure 22, a harpist signals the beginning of an evening sleep, and journey of dreams. I hope you all enjoy my music, and thank you for listening...Peace! 
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