Gerald Wilhelm Braden / Composer

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Symphony No 1 in C Major, Mvt 1 (1st 12 minutes)
This is my first Symphony, and is in 3 Movements. This is the first 12 minutes of the 1st Movement (as the entire file is to learge to upload to sites). I chose the key of C Major, because the original theme came to me in that key, and also because it is a good key to begin your first symphonic venture as a composer (as you see with many of our greats from the past). The first theme is Germanic in nature, as my family is from Austria, and I was raised with "Weiner Blut." As the music progresses, I utilize my interpretation of music from different areas of the world, with melodies and dance type themes. There is also a Bolero in the work, where I use a 6/4 feel within a 4/4 structure (using 3 measures of 4/4, for each 2 measures of 6/4 "feel"). 
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