Ensamble Nacional del Sur (ENS) - Buenos Aires

Ensamble Nacional del Sur

Pictured from Left to Right: Leonardo Salzano (Electric & Prepared Guitar) | Mauro Zannoli (Keyboards & Processes) | Oscar Edelstein (Conductor & Piano) | Pablo Torterolo (Drums) | Axel Lastra (Piano & Keyboards) 

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Oscar Edelstein's Ensamble Nacional del Sur: La Trastienda Club, Buenos Aires

Ensamble Nacional del Sur on stage at La Trastienda, joined by guest artists  saxophonist, Martín Proscia and vocalist Deborah Claire Procter (Wales) whose vocals reviewer Carlos Marín described as "simply dazzling for the technical solvency in the range and her versatility."

Oscar Edelstein conducting the Ensamble Nacional del Sur

Concert during "Bienal 2 en Composición e Investigación Musical Córdoba 2012" in the Auditorio del CePIA, Facultad de Artes (Córdoba, Argentina)

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Oscar Edelstein's Ensamble Nacional del Sur: Goethe Institut, Buenos Aires
There is an evident maximilism and a profound interest in rhythm.This is the second generation of performers trained by Edelstein, with the first group playing between 1997 - 2004. 

"One of the most interesting composers of the intermediate generation... His obsession for complex sonorous textures and a careful control of the form are present." Martín Liut, La Nacion (1997)

ENS in La Trastienda
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