Seray Kalelioğlu


Born in 1987 in İstanbul, Seray Kalelioğlu started playing the piano when she was 7. For five years between 1995 – 2000, she was a chorist in the Turkish National TV Children’s Choir. In 1996, Seray attended the children’s songs competition in the city of Figuera da Foz of Portugal, where she was awarded the “Friendship and Peace” prize for her performance as soloist. In 2001, she was admitted to İstek Belde High School of Fine Arts with a full scholarship, where she studied the piano with her teacher Islam Manafov for four years. From 2005 to 2009, Seray continued her piano education under the Department of Music Teaching in Marmara University with her teacher Dilek Yonat Batıbay. During 2007/2008, she attended the Gdansk Music Academy in Poland as visiting student as part of the Erasmus Exchange Program.

Upon her return in Turkey in 2008, she started taking part in various appearances and projects while advancing her piano education with İris Şentürker.  These projects include taking part as pianist in the Istanbul State Theater play “Bir Şehnaz Oyun”,  performing Scriabin Etude Op.2 No.1 for NTV’s documentary movie and exhibition project “Sarkis” which was filmed in the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art along with teaching piano in various institutions. Moreover during this period she took up the role of music director as well as pianist in the play “Bir Şehnaz Oyun” performed in Kültür University.

Meanwhile Seray Kalelioğlu continued her music education in Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Studies in Music, studying chamber music with Jerfi Aji on and piano with Ayşegül Sarıca towards a her masters degree in music. Furthermore, she worked with pianist Nelly Ben-Or and cellist Selma Gökçen on Alexander Technique on piano, with Edna Golandsky on Taubman Technique and attended a masterclass on piano with Hüseyin Sermet.

Seray Kalelioğlu’s recent performances as pianist include piano recitals and lecture recitals in notable venues such as Marmara University, İstanbul Technical University, Arsu Academy of Fine Arts, Yeldeğirmeni Arts and Culture Center, Caddebostan Culture Center, Kozyatağı Culture Center.

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Short Profile

NameKalelioğlu, Seray
Date of Birth1987-10-20
Born inTurkey, Asia
Home Locationİstanbul, Turkey
Main languageTurkish
attended UniversitiesIstanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Studies in Music
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