Twenty Fingers

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Thirty Fingers Trio Performance in Gloggnitz Stadtsaal
Moment from concert in ISA festival.
Video / Audio
Anatolijus Šenderovas - Dialogue I-II for Violin and Cello
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© lora.kmieliauskaite
"Walking through the three points" 2016
This piece is a stroll through the streets of Vilnius. The anchor-points of this route are three houses of prayer, where we can hear the sound of bells.
The source of this piece is the soundscape of the walk. At the heart of it there is one sound, but its perception is constantly changing. The source of the video is a collection of similarly sounding areas of Paris, a visual reflection of sounds that are 2000km away.
Composed by: Dominykas Digimas
Performed by: Thirty Fingers Trio – Marta Finkelštein, Lora Kmieliauskaitė , Arnas Kmieliauskas.
Video: Kristijonas Dirsė
© Kristijonas Dirse, Dominykas Digimas