c/o chamber orchestra


c/o chamber orchestra

30 Musicians. No Conductor.

 In the summer of 2014 a group of young musicians who had met as members of the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic decided to form an ensemble of their own. After years of performing together, they were searching for an opportunity to build on their shared experience and take responsibility for each and every note they played. They decided to work without a conductor to make that responsibility to each other and the music clear, and they chose the name “c/o”, for the postal abbreviation, to signify the equally important responsibility of delivering the music from the composer to the listener. 

In its first year, c/o performed successful concerts in Berlin and Leipzig together with the violinist Cornelia Gartemann from the Berlin Philharmonic. The resonance from these concerts is summed up by Clemens Haustein of the Berliner Zeitung:

“One will hear again soon from the c/o chamber orchestra, as the orchestra is called – and that is something to look forward to.” (Berliner Zeitung 22.7.2014)

 For its 2015 season, c/o received an invitation from the festival Young Euro Classic to collaborate and perform with the jazz trombonist Nils Landgren. The sold-out concert in the Konzerthaus in Berlin was a rousing success:

 “The c/o chamber orchestra played these tricky pieces without a conductor, but with a dedication that held the music together from the inside.” (Der Tagesspiegel 23.8.2015)

c/o was also invited to perform at the Chapel of Reconciliation on the Berlin Wall, as well as to continue its collaboration with the German Lawyers Association in a benefit concert raising money for the Foundation against Right-Wing Extremism.

The orchestra is committed to one simple idea: communicating the music as clearly and directly as possible. Without a conductor, the music is laid bare. Each musician assumes the responsibility for the complete piece at every moment. Whether Beethoven, Weill or Ibert, this intense concentration is reflected in performance –concerts are the engaging experience of hearing every musical voice as directly as possible.

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Short Profile

Namec/o chamber orchestra Founded2014
Home LocationBerlin, Germany
Main languageEnglish
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Wilde Mischung
2015-08-23 Tagesspiegel, Berlin
"Hier vibrieren die 20er-Jahre in ihrer explosiven, wunderbar unterhaltsamen Mischung: die Harmonik überspitzt und ausgereizt, die Zitatschere erhoben zur schamlosen Motivcollage ... Das c/o chamber orchestra spielt diese vertrackten Stücke ohne Dirigenten, aber mit einer Hingabe, die die Musik von innen zussamenhält."
(Ulrich Amling)
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Ein Dirigent ist nicht erwünscht
2014-07-23 Berliner Zeitung, Berlin
"In dieser Zeit ist hörbar ein Ensemble zussamengewachsen, das einen eigenen Stil pflegt: Die stürmische Jugendorchester-Begeisterung wird stilistisch domestiziert weitergefühurt, und dass man nun ganz allein für das künstlerische Ergebnis verantwortlich ist und sich nicht hinter einem Dirigenten verstecken kann, sorgt für zusätzliche Präsenz sämlticher Musikerinnen und Musiker. Die Beethoven-Sinfonie wird an diesem Abend erlebbar als ein bis zum Bersten gespanntes Kammermusikstück, herzhaft musiziert, undogmatisch ... "
(Clemens Haustein)
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