Tricia Dawn Williams

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Three Irish Legends by Henry Cowell
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The Forbidden by Ruben Zahra

music composed by Ruben Zahra
pianist: Tricia Dawn Williams

‘The Forbidden’ is the final movement of a cycle entitled ‘PAN the Goat-God’. The music was originally written in 2008 for an interdisciplinary performance which includes video projections, light design and mime. The narrative portrays the mythological figure of Pan within the realm of archetypal psychology: Nightmare, panic, masturbation, rape, nympholepsy, instinct as well as Pan's nymphs Syrinx and Selene show the goat-God at work in the dark drives and creative passions of our lives. The music of ‘The Forbidden’ bursts out with a strong rhythmic pattern in the lower register, setting the violent temper that is sustained throughout the whole piece. Melodic strands surface over the driven tempo which is interrupted by unpredictable rhythmic motives in the higher register as the bass hammers away. Two minutes into the piece, the music is contrasted by a pointillistic texture with ominous motives in the bass. This leads to a section with a series of fragments that are reminiscent of Paganini’s Capricci that contribute a Faustian brushstroke to the canvas. For the final section, the music precipitates back into its pounding character, pushing the tempo even further into a frenetic vortex.

directed by Ruben Zahra
DOP, filming & editing: Matthew James Borg – Railway Studios
Assistant DOP: Edouard Tabone Demarco
Audio recording and mixing: Peter Borg – Railway Studios
on-site recording at The Box - a Creative Arts Space

special thanks to

Olimpus Music Store
The Box - a Creative Arts Space
Railway Studios

Soundscapes Productions
© Ruben Zahra 2014
© Soundscapes Productions