B.O.O.M! Bold Opera On the Move!


B.O.O.M! consists of an international cast of young opera professionals, a pianist, and a director who have finished their studies from a conservatory in the Netherlands. B.O.O.M! performs fully staged shorter versions or excerpts of popular operas in a professional way. Our goal is to bring awareness for opera and culture to the masses in a changing cultural landscape, without making concessions to our professions of being opera singers.  By bringing professional mini operas to the audience in unconventional settings like living rooms, schools, churches, festivals, elderly homes, restaurants, and parks, we hope to transport this wonderful art form to people who are not normally exposed to it, so that they can also fall in love with this genre, and portray it in a manner that is also interesting for opera lovers and connoisseurs.

latest News
Crowdfunding a succes! 09. Jun 2015

We are verry happy to announce that our crowdfunding on www.voordekunst.nl succeeded.

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