The Brunette Quartet


We are four young, professional flutists, who beyond the bond of friendship are also bound together through our love of music, our love of the flute and also through our wish and curiosity to experiment and to explore new things together.

The goals of "The Brunette Quartet" are to enrich and surprise our audience, but also to be able to show, that with the help of music, every border, difference and unequality is possible to overcome. We try to help our audience realize, that with the power of music it is possible to unite everyone and bring everything in harmony.

Music is the only common, borderless, world language.

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Short Profile

NameThe Brunette Quartet Founded2015
Home LocationVienna, Austria
Main languageEnglish Additional languages German,  Hungarian,  Spanish; Castilian,  Portuguese,  Chinese,  French,  Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan 
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