Veronica Anghelescu

composer, clarinet, piano
(c) Veronica Anghelescu

Veronica Anghelescu - Namo Amitabha

Veronica Anghelescu - Namo Amitabha
Opus 20
Flute: Augustin Creznaru
Video by Dumitru Ungureanu
Recording in the Professional Studio of Mr. Cătălin Târcolea
This work is dedicated to my Friend, Sensei Josho Adrian Cîrlea, Jodo Shinshu Priest in Romania. My eternal gratitude!

This work represents a homage to the Buddha Amitabha - who is for me a Friend, a Master, a Spiritual Guide and a daily presence in my life.

Who is Amitabha?

Long time ago, in another era than that in which we are living now, Amitabha was a king who renounced his kingdom and become a monk. Called Dharmakara Bodhisattva, the monk practiced diligently for many eons, realized Enlightenment and became Amitabha Buddha.

"Amitabha" means boundless light and boundless life. He is the Buddha in the Land of Ultimate Bliss (Pure Land), in which all beings enjoy unbounded happiness. Amitabha has forty-eight great vows through which he works to save all beings. In His Primal Vow he promised that all beings who have faith in Him, say His Name (Namo Amitabha!) and wish to be born in His Pure Land will go there after death and become Buddhas themselves.

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