Quint Art Quintet

      The Chamber Music Concert, presented in Saint Petersburg on May 14th, 2005 in the main lobby or Mariinsky Theater of Opera and Ballet. The concert included the musicians of the Mariinsky Orchestra. These types of concerts are known to be the regular events in the theater, but this particular one could be known as the beginning of the creation of the Chamber Music Ensemble "Quint Art", which we will introduce in this excerpt.       During this evening, the creators of "Quint Art" Alexander Nikolayev and Mikhail Zatin along with other members performed Prokofiev Sonata in C Major, which does not contradict with the name of the group. The ensemble consists of five members and formally creates the classical piano quintet, which includes piano, two violins, viola and cello. This setting makes up the unique and original ideal which musicians put into the name of the ensemble. The idea itself reflects the unattached setting in the choosing of the members of the ensemble. "Quint Art" is not a piano quintet, neither a string quintet. It is neither a piano trio nor a string duet; it is all of those things put together! With these types of combinations, the possibilities are wide for the diversity of the repertoire, which greatly increases the opportunities, and sets it aside from any other quartet or quintet. This gives the musicians a chance to express their musical ideas in a new and fresh way. This also makes any performance of the ensemble unexpected and diverse, and attracts music lovers of different time periods. You can even imagine multiple "Quint Art" performances that could take place simultaneously in the different parts of the world. One could call such an ensemble "the creative collaboration". In our fast modern world, with its' almost non-existent boundaries, such idea and form of musical creativity, would surely find its' place and audience.
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