Sergio Barrenechea

(c) Duo Barrenehcea - 2015
Credits: Sergio Barrenechea, flute - Lucia Barrenechea, piano - Liloye Boubli, direction - Fernando Duarte, photography

Teaser - DVD Duo Barrenechea "Brasileirissimo:Encontros"

The musical documentary “Brasileirissimo: Encounters” presents snapshots of Duo Barrenechea’s 25-year journey of music making and building a life together. This Brazilian duo is formed by husband and wife, flutist Sergio Barrenechea and pianist Lucia Barrenechea. The film registered moments where it all started - Goiânia and Brasília -, their current life in Rio de Janeiro and some of their wandering throughout time and places. They invited seven composers to embark on this journey: H. Dawid Korenchendler, Elenice Maranesi, Estércio Marquez Cunha, Ian Guest, Liduino Pitombeira, Rafael dos Santos and Vittor Santos. Homage is also paid to Francisco Mignone and Ernesto Nazareth. There are precious conversation-filled moments with each composer, when they tell about their work and its connection with Duo Barrenechea. Each meeting is followed by the rendition of the pieces, all recorded in concert format at the Theatro de Pirenopólis in Goias, Brazil.
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