Liszt Academy of Music, Concert Center

As a university and concert centre the Liszt Academy stands as one of the premier institutions of Budapest, capital of Hungary. Its roots stretch back to the birth of this metropolis standing on the banks of the Danube, geographically speaking it lies in the heart of the city and its spiritual and artistic influence is enormous. The core of musical knowledge, the venue for the training of new generations of musicians, it informs public tastes, improves the quality of life, and is both educating and uplifting. It is a democratic institution in that it holds talent and quality to be the measures of worth. Its leading role in the life of Budapest, the silicon valley of music, is undisputed. Working in close alliance with its partners, the Hungarian State Opera House, Palace of Arts, Budapest Music Center, Pest Vigadó, and the universities of arts in Budapest, it endeavours to see Budapest strengthen its role in the line of cultural harbours of the world, and successfully develop its creative industry, which results in one of the most significant intellectual and material successes of Hungary. 
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Increasing Arts Participation and Meeting Community Needs: A Lincoln Center Case Study 01. Jul 2015

Lesley Rosenthal, general counsel to the New York Lincoln Center speaks about how a leading American cultural corporation reacts to the social demands of the 21st century.

A year ago, in the Liszt Academy Concert Magazine we asked managing director of Concertgebouw Amsterdam Simon Reinink what innova...

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