Lucid Duo (Marimba artists)

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Performing at the International percussion ensemble week festival in Croatia, 2013
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credits: Mārtiņš Rozenfelds
© Mārtiņš Rozenfelds
Video / Audio
The Absurd World II by Tomasz Golinski
"The Absurd World II" for two marimbas performed by LUCID DUO during the Universal Marimba Festival in Belgium, 2013.
Purity II by Tomasz Goliński
"Purity II" for two marimbas, was composed by Tomasz Golinski in 2012.
Purity II was composed for Lucid Duo and premiered during The Marimba Gala Concert 2012 (C.C.Lin 10 years career) at the marimbadepartment in the The Royal Conservatory of Music in Antwerp, Belgium.