Acclarion: Concert Accordion & Clarinet Duo

Remote Concert Tour - Northwest Territories, Canada
Acclarion travelled to remote communities in Canada's Northwest Territories with Order of Canada recipient George Zuckerman to introduce children to the accordion and clarinet
credits: Ben Nind, Northern Arts & Culture Centre
Carrefour Mondiale de L'Accordeon, Montmagny, Quebec
Acclarion performed for "Classiques a l'Honneur" in 2006 and 2011 at this world renowned accordion festival in Montmagny, Quebec
credits: Julien Simard
© 2011
Pelee Island Music Series
Acclarion performed as guest artists in a unique outdoor environment: a rock quarry at Pelee Island - Canada's southernmost point.  The acoustics were phenomenal!
credits: Patricia Fell, Pelee Island Music Series
© 2014
Video / Audio
Acclarion performs for Whitehorse Concerts at the Yukon Arts Centre
Artist-Entertainers pleasing both young school audiences and adult classical afficionados.

What sets Acclarion apart from other chamber ensembles?
TheĀ intimate connection between the performers and the spontaneous and humorous banter only a husband and wife team can create.
Acclarion is charming...spontaneous...dazzling
credits: Footage courtesy of Whitehorse Concerts
© 2016
Introduction & Czardas for Accordion, Bass Clarinet & Clarinet
This was performed for the television show 401 Sunset in October 2014.
credits: Kurt Sasso, TGT Media
© 2014