Oscar Edelstein

(c) Oscar Edelstein

Cristal Argento I (2011)

Basel Sinfonietta commissioned a new work by Argentinean avant-garde composer, Oscar Edelstein in 2010. The work premiered in Basel on the 24th January 2011 at the Stadtcasino, Basel, and then at the Franziskaner Konzerthaus, Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany) on the 15th February 2011 and was conducted by Venezuelan, José Luís Gómez (winner of the International Conductor's Competition of Sir Georg Solti at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt in 2010). "Cristal Argento I" is a work for full orchestra with the electronic process of the Sonic Crystal. The work was commissioned to serve as a counter-point in a programme of more traditional and stereotypical Latin American music.

BASELLANDSCHAFTLICHE ZEITUNG, Christian Fluri:  "The rhythmical, multilayered sound fields develop like waves. Edelstein's close woven music, continuing the tradition of Varèse, has a force which goes under the skin with great vitality." 

BADISCHE ZEITUNG, Roswitha Frey: "The electronic part carries the game of the orchestra into another space, another world, another sound universe, like a dream, like a recollection, or how it looks through a kaleidoscope, a prism with various refractions. A powerful percussion mechanism machine was in action, concentrated beams of sound of stream over the listener. It was exciting to hear such avant-garde new music from Latin America.

More Info: http://clearinsightprods.hubpages.com/hub/cristalargento

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