Oscar Edelstein

(c) Oscar Edelstein

Los Monstruito’ (2006)

An opera by OSCAR EDELSTEIN, based on an original text by leading Argentinean writer RODOLFO ENRIQUE FOGWILL (1941 - 2010), commissioned by CETC (Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón).

The press office of Teatro Colón: "Eterna Flotación: los monstruito' " is the title of a new Argentinean opera that is set to be one of the most attractive premieres proposed in recent years by CETC (Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón) of Teatro Colón (the opera house of Buenos Aires), as much as for the brilliant artistic paths of it's authors, both emblematic in their respective fields, as for extremely controversial nature of it's thematic content." 

"The aria that she sings in Act I with Saltos's on stage harmonica & the hesitating breathing of the orchestra is unforgettable. Marisú Pavón shines from point to point." Monjeau, Clarín
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