Axel Lenarduzzi Pianist



This young franco-italien pianist certainly did not choose the easy pieces for his recital.

First the sonata called the "Appassionata", which Beethoven considered his greatest; unleashing all its elements did not in the slightest disturb his interpretation. Very carefully contrasted, it quickly transformed into the tragic accents in the finale, so often characterized as a torrent of fire.

Axel Lenarduzzi then demonstrated the same ease with the 13th Hungarian Rhapsody of Liszt, which, under his fingers, seemed full of a flashing light.

Three short pieces which Brahms characterized as "Klavierstucke" preceded the intermission. The charm of their composition which allies elegance to melancholy did not escape their interpreter, visibly very inspired by this style stripped of all mannerism.

What to say of "Estampes", one of the masterpieces of Debussy, except that it constituted the high point of the recital. The fabulous richness of all their sonorities in the evocation as brilliant as the oriental tones or the rhythms of Spanish folklore, not forgetting gardens in the rain lit by the full sun.

As though inhabited by the spirit of Debussy, the young pianist enchanted his listeners, as much by the exactness of the tones as by the delicacy with which every note was struck with luminous resonance. Unforgettable was his superb interpretation of Liszt's "Spanish Rhapsody," played at the conclusion of the concert.

It served as a fitting showcase to exhibit the high virtuosity of Axel Lenarduzzi, which seemed supreme in every range.

One sees there the mark of a true talent.

Claude Taelman, Musical Critic

26 April 2009

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