Chanda VanderHart

Mosaique Concert: April 8th, 2014
"l'invitation a voyage" with Klemens Sander, Jolene McCleland, Ulrike Anton, Jan Ryska, Deirdre Brenner and Chanda VanderHart
© Mosaique
On Stage- Chanda VanderHart
Live picture from Mosaique's "Love, Loss and Longing" concert, March 2014

credits: Lena Kern
© Chanda VanderHart
Headshot- Chanda VanderHart
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credits: Maximilian Van London
Video / Audio
"13" CD teaser
short video introducing CD "13" with Jason Bridges, tenor and Chanda VanderHart, piano. Songs by Barber and Argento. Available on iTunes and through Amazon
credits: Maximilian Van London, Olivier Grascoeur
© Chanda VanderHart
"Wife, Children and Friends", Beethoven
From Mosaique Concert, "Volkslieder and Folk Music", February 2014

"Wife, Children and Friends', Beethoven

Frederikke Kampmann: Soprano
Bryan Benner: Baritone
Mara Kronick: Cello
Louise Chisson: Violin
Chanda VanderHart: Piano
credits: Olivier Grascoeur
© Mosaique