Rusanda Panfili


Rusanda Panfili was born 1988 in Chisinau, Moldova. She started

her violin studies in Bucharest, and the age of 11 she became one

of the youngest students at the Conservatory of Music and Arts in

Vienna, Austria.

She won her first international competition in Italy at the age of 10

and with the wonderful guidance from her teacher, well known

Russian violinist, Alexander Arenkow, Rusanda earned other

numerous national and international prizes such as “Rodolfo

Lipizer” and “Luis Spohr”, as well the “Herbert von Karajan” and

“Yamaha” scholarships.

In November, 2015, Rusanda finished her “Master of Arts” studies

at the University of Music and Arts Vienna.

She performed as a soloist with the Jerusalem Symphony

Orchestra, Weimarer Stadtskapelle, Santo Domingo Philharmonic

Orchestra, Grossetto Symphonic Orchestra, and Moldavian

Philharmonic Orchestra and has worked with artists such as

Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-Ki Joo, Horia Andreescu, Markus

Schirmer, Erwin Schrott and Vadim Repin.

She was involved in outstanding projects such as “Fasten

Seatbelts”, “The League of X-Traordinary Musicians”, SCURDIA or

Rojo Tango, projects that brought significant contributions to

Rusanda’s development as a classical musician and also as a

dancer, actress and singer.

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