Yeroc Golden

composer, piano, electronics, percussion
Yeroc Golden was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  He comes from a line of professional musicians and artist.  His father, Corey D. Golden attended the Peabody Institute of Music and Berklee College of music in Boston.  His brother an profesional music producer. His Grandfrather Kermit Golden is an Gosple  legend and his uncle Jay Golden a international electric bassist. Yeroc resides in the exciting city of Atlanta.
Currently Yeroc Golden is pursing a degree in music compositon this spring a Atlanta's Institute for Media and Music.  He has already been accepted to  Berklee College of Music along with a scholarship as well.
Yeroc is a brillliant up-and coming Composer and Music Producer. He is on his forth year as a awsome composer.  Just lisitening to his compositions will amaze you  on how gifted he is and how successful he will become when finisheing his  degree. He has already caught the eye of many great composer from around the world that had written reviews for his music on his website as well.
He is able to compose from a wide arrange of music; from action, adventure, horror, sci-fi, drama,fantasy, epic and more. Some of the music producers and composers that have clearly inspired him are Frank Zappa, William Schuman, Hans Zimmer, Peter Tchaikovsky, Dr.Dre, Rage Against the Machine, John Williams, Koji Kondo, Chick Corea, Russel Shaw, James Horner and Alan Silvestri. He and his family also have a multi-media comany called AGE(A Golden Enterpirse) in which C.D Golden, the father is a creator/Author as well. You can visist this page at

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Short Profile

NameGolden, Yeroc
Date of Birth1991-11-06
Born inUnited States, North America
Home LocationAtlanta, United States
Main languageEnglish
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""First let me remind you that nothing good comes easily and to be successful in music requires lifelong dedication.I am very happy you got the scholarship, and having listened to your compositions frankly I am more impressed with your 'classical' compositions.In a way you remind me of one of my earlier students who has become a renowned contemporary composer.You can see him on his website ( Yan Maresz).He also began as a fusion jazz rock guitarist and went to berklee and julliard and found his own way in music and life.Wishing you all the success in the world"

best regards
john mclaughlin
    (John Mclaughlin)
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    ""You are talented, no doubt, it seems you can go any musical direction you want, studying at Berklee and meeting other musicians there should help you decide which direction to go with your music, or keep pursuing several.....the world is totally different from what it was when I was your age".

    Keep in touch

    Best wishes
    Jean Luc Ponty
      (Jean Luc Ponty)
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      ""Thank you for your email. Congratulations on your scholarship. And congratulations on your music. Very accomplished indeed. My advice? Keep working, keep creating, keep composing".

      John Carpenter
        (John Carpenter)
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        "This path that has chosen you is not for the fearful or faint of heart. It is there for the pioneers who were brought into this life to help lift up humanity and give a spark of hope to those who want to break away from the norm. The best advice I can share with you is to continue along this journey that you have been blessed to partake in, and allow your being different to become the best gift that you will ever receive.I wish you much success in life !"
        (Alphonso Johnson)
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        Hi Yeroc,

        "Thank you for your kind mail, happy that you like my music! Congratulations on your scholarship and the education at Berklee, sounds fantastic!

        I checked out your website, a lot of nice music, well done! All the best to you and your composing career. Looking forward to hearing your future projects".

        Best regards,


          (Jukka Rintamaki)
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