International Soloists of Chicago


The International Soloists of Chicago is a unique touring string ensemble composed of twelve soloists presenting stylistic renditions that concatenate period performance techniques with modern instruments, thus creating a remarkably creative and flexible voice within the realm of 17th and 18th- century repertoire.


The ensemble has performed under the auspices of the Chicago Performing Artists Series since January 1995 at various venues, and has some of the most prominent Chicago-based instrumentalists included on its roster including Charles Pikler, principal violist/Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Aventino Calvetti, William Cernota, and Albert Wang of the Lyric Opera Orchestra of Chicago.


In addition to the extensive string literature of the era, the International Soloists of Chicago has increasingly widened its repertoire to include woodwind, brass and keyboard works in its offerings while retaining an intimate chamber music setting. 

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