Johanny Navarro

Concierto Del Papel al Corazón
In a special concert with the Soprano Esthermarí Barbosa
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Cecilia y Santiago Suite I
The ballet “Cecilia and Santiago” is based on a legend of the historian and writer from the 20th century Cayetano Coll y Toste. The piece is an elaborated fusion of colors and recurrent cadence rhythm structures. These rhythmic approaches are oriented to the utilization of native rhythm such as “Bomba” (typical puertorrican folklore genre), especially the pattern of the “Yuba”, that can be easily recognised. The constant and consonant melodies are sustained by colourful harmonies that emphasize the drama and momentum of this story. The story, a puerto rican version Romeo and Juliet, highlights the beauty, passion, hope as well as the pain and death that leads to the victory of love above all things.
The plot of the ballet is reinforced for the majesty of the structure and the details meticulously designed and developed.
© Johanny Navarro 2015
Pedazos - Solo Harp

Pedazos. Para Arpa Solo. Pieza compuesta en el 2012 como parte del Seminario de Composición del Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico. Esta grabación fue en el Estudio "JoanMusik Studio", con la arpista de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico, Elisa Torres.

Pedazos(Pieces). For Solo Harp. This work was composed in the 2012 as part of the composers seminar in the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico. This was recorded in JoanMusik Studio, with the official harpist of the Symphonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico, Elisa Torres.