Jennifer Margaret Barker

composer, piano
Jennifer Margaret Barker, composer and pianist
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Video / Audio
Suilean a' Chloinne
Performance of Jennifer Margaret Barker's composition, 'Suilean a' Chloinne' (Children's Eyes) presented by the University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra with Dr. James Allen Anderson conducting. The performance took place in UD's Puglisi Hall on Saturday 23rd November, 2014.

Program Note:
'Suilean a' Chloinne' was commissioned by conductor Leslie Stewart and The Bay Youth Orchestras of Virginia. The title of the work is in the Scottish Gaelic language. In composing the work Barker sought to capture in music the beauty, innocence, wonder and joy that are so evident in the eyes of young children. The work is dedicated to Scottish professional musicians, Mr. and Mrs. Renton and Anne Thomson, in memory of their daughter Mhairi Thomson-Tessier, who was a professional cellist in Scotland and Canada.

The video was filmed by John Anthony Palmer. The audio engineers were John Anthony Palmer and Christopher Martin. The music composition, audio recording and visuals are copyrighted by Barker, Martin and Palmer. All rights are reserved.
credits: University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra, Dr. James Anderson, John Anthony Palmer
© Jennifer Margaret Barker
Gearr Aonach
Titled 'Gearr Aonach', this piece is the first movement of a three-movement work for flute and piano (titled 'Na Tri Peathraichean'), written by Scottish-American composer Jennifer Margaret Barker. The translation of the overall title is 'The Three Sisters... of Glencoe' and each movement of the work reflects a different aspect of these three neighbouring mountains in the Highlands of Scotland.

The flautist is Laurie Baefsky and the pianist is the composer. The footage was filmed in Scotland by British cameraman John Anthony Palmer. The music was recorded by Grammy-winning recording engineer, Andreas Meyer. The music, video footage, and audio recording are all copyrighted by the composer, Palmer (Visual Images Media. Inc.) and Meyer Media, Inc. respectively. All rights are reserved.

    credits: Laurie Baefsky, John Anthony Palmer, Andreas Meyer
    © Jennifer Margaret Barker