Jonathan Harnik

composer, viola, piano, baritone or bass voice

Jonathan Harnik's composition style stems from minimalism and branches to include influences from jazz, pop, avant guard, and world music. Whether for film, dance, theatre, or music ensembles, his compositions constantly evolve and adapt to the need of the project they were created for, all while maintaing the unique colourfulness of his sound. 


Jonathan was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1986. Studying viola, piano, and voice (baritone) in his youth, he eventually graduated with a bachelor in viola performance from McGIll University where he studied with former MSO player, André Roy. He commenced his composition path in 2010 at the University of Montreal under the direction of Isabelle Panneton, from which he holds a Master degree in composition. Among his accomplishes he is the winner of concours de residence and concours de danse at the University of Montreal, which allowed him to work with Orchestre Nouvelle Génération and The School of Contemporary Dance of Montreal respectively.


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