Jonathan Harnik

composer, viola, piano, baritone or bass voice
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Rockin' is the 6th collaboration between the music department of the University of Montreal and the School of Contemporary Dance of Montreal. This remarkable piece combines the acoustic composition of Jonathan Harnik with the electronics and live interpretation of Terri Hron, under the tribal and animalistic influenced choreography of Lina Cruz.  Chorégraphe: Lina CruzChorégraphie pour les étudiants de 2ème année de l'École de danse contemporaine de Montréal Musique: Terri Hron et Jonathan Harnik. Interprètes: Guillaume Archambeault-L., Emmanuelle Arsenault, Catherine Dagenais-S., Léna Demnati, Camille Dubé-B., Camille Gachot, Sofia Olivia Garon-O., Naomi Hilaire, Audray Julien, German Martinez, Justine Parisien-D., Julie Robert, Sovann Rochon-P., Samantha Savard-L/. Stefania Skoryna, Heidi Trudeau.  Musiciens: Victor Albert (clarinette), Vincent Mainville-Blanchard (violon), Alice Kim (violoncello), Clark Schaufele (piano). Conception et régie éclairages: Thomas GodefroidCoordination des costumes: Marie-Claude Jalbert (Cruz)Direction artistique et des études: Lucie BoissinotRégie de son: Guy Fortin

    Beyond was composed for Orchestre du Chambre Nouvelle Génération. It is a double cello concerto depicting the process of composition of my first year of studies at the University of Montreal. 
    It opens with a pensive choral and goes though the different paths of composition, including errors and failed attmepts. 

    It was my first piece to be perfomred, the day before my 27th birthday, on March 21, 2013.