Olten Quartet


Having been sponsored by Ceyhan Olten and Fatma Olten, Olten Quartet was founded under Izmir State Symphony Orchestra musician Akgün Çavuş's coordination inJune, 2013. The Olten Quartet comprises of Elif Nihal Akın (1st violin), Gülce Karagözcük (2nd violin), Ercan Atasoy (viola) and Beste Başcı (cello). 

At the beginin, Quartet preferd to relate with university youth. Therefore they performed in Ege University, Bilkent University, Middele East Tehcnical University, Izmir Institute of Tecnology and Conservatory of Dokuz Eylül Univesity.

The Olten Quartet who wishes to perform in international festivals all over the world, already participated in Festival Interntional de Musique Universitaire (FİMU) 2014 France and in the new season, the quartet will pursue its studies throught that aim.

" ... In my opinion they are very talented, very keen to learn and develop their musical and technical abilities.

I found them very intelligent, fun to be with and of excellent character. They seem to be getting on with each other in a very harmonious way which is resulting in good public performances."

Viola and Chamber Music Prof. Yasar University, Izmir Turkey

"... Though it has been only a couple of years after its establishment, Olten String Quartet is already one of the leading chamber music groups in Turkey. I have listened the group many times in concerts and also i have found the opportunity to play with them Shumann's Piano Quintett in some concerts. Thanks to their regular and serious rehearsals the group improves its musical language each day and i can recommend the group without hesitation for any international festival or regular concert serie."

İbrahim YAZICI

Conductor / Pianist
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