Zagreb Flute Ensemble ZAF

Zagreb flute ensemble – ZAF, the only ensemble of the sort in Croatia, has been founded in the year of 2012. The idea for founding the ensemble comes from two friends and flutists, Renata Penezić and Tamara Coha Mandić, and is derived out of love for chamber music as well as desire to play music collectively. The ensemble had it's first performance in 2008. at international flutists festival in Larrisa, Greece, named as „Flute ensemble of the Zagreb Music Academy". It was led by Renata Penezić, todays art director of the Zagreb flute ensemble. She herself sees the mission of the ensemble in the promotion of flute as an instrument through the introduction of the various types of the flute family; piccolo flute, C flute, alt flute and bass flute, as well as the exploration of the instrument's limits and its role in the contemporary music. ZAF gives particular attention to performing musical pieces composed by native composers, in a hope of ensuing even more pieces that will continue to explore auditive and interpretative possibilities and combinations of the various instruments from the flute family. The very core of the ensemble is a flute quartet but, depending on the piece that is being performed, the number of the players can be multiplied without limitations. This unique ensemble unites experienced performers with the young aspiring artists and flute students, thereby giving these young musicians a rare opportunity to gain experience and expand their own repertoire, all of that with the support of the more experienced colleagues. Besides the clasical repertoire addapted for the ensemble, future projects will also  include pieces of the 20th and 21st century composers that use exceptionally advanced playing techniques which create fascinating new auditory landscapes. The ensemble's desire is to develop cooperation with the artists from the different fields, thereby following modern tendencies of combining and complementing various forms of art. In such manner, ZAF's concert in the November of 2012 united spiritual poetry with music, whilst planned projects propose combinations that will give a completely new dimension to the existing pieces, with a hope that it will accentuate their character and, through the sinergy of the different art forms, maybe even create a completely new piece of art.
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